Cheshire school recognises the importance of AEDs in schools

by | 7 Jun 2017 | News, Schools

Edenfield Training has supplied a Cheshire school with a brand new Automated External Defibrillator (AED), and is in the process of training staff in its use.

Darnhall Primary School, in Winsford, have engaged Edenfield previously to train the school’s first aiders, and recognised the importance of having an AED on site. Nine staff members (including teachers and support staff) have already been trained to safely use the unit, with further sessions being planned for coming weeks.

AEDs are used in the event of an individual suffering a cardiac arrest, and complement the efforts of first aiders who would deliver CPR and summon the emergency services.

“Defibrillators can literally mean the difference between life and death in an emergency situation” added Chris Austin, Edenfield’s Business Development Director, “research has shown that the chance of survival from cardiac arrest decreases by up to 10% each minute if proper treatment is delayed.

“Of course we hope that the team at Darnhall never have to use the unit, but are pleased that they now have the equipment and confidence to respond at an incident should they need to.”

Statutory guidance from the Department for Education (DfE) on supporting pupils at school with medical conditions advises schools to consider purchasing an AED as part of their first-aid equipment. Edenfield uses this, along with the DfE’s guide to defibrillation in schools when working with establishments (including schools, academies and nurseries) to advise on equipment provision and the delivery of accredited, nationally recognised Basic Life Support and AED training.

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